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“There is no greater challenge

and there is no greater honor

than to be in public service.” 


Condoleeza Rice



The Army instilled in me the core values of “leave no man behind

and "I am my brother's keeper."


The Upstate is a beautiful and welcoming place with great people,

and I want to ensure that as we continue to grow, we leave no one behind

Growth cannot just be from the ground up.

It must begin by giving our neighbors a hand up.

We must invest in our infrastructure and our people

to build District 6 and South Carolina. 

Our infrastructure development has not been aligned with the economic development of District 6.


Over the past few years, we have experienced a surge of new businesses in District 6.  As an entrepreneur and capitalist, I celebrate their newly-established pathways to prosperity and the jobs they have brought to our community.  


While this growth has been great for our economy, it has also compromised our safety. In District 6 alone, we now have an additional 6,500 vehicles on White Horse Road road each day, with 4,552 accidents and 57 fatalities in the past five years. For our neighborhoods with limited pedestrian access to grocery stores, our friends and families must risk their lives to cross congested thoroughfares just to feed their families.


We must consider how proper lighting, speed enforcement, crosswalk markings, better residential and commercial zoning, and public transit could enhance our livelihoods while protecting our lives. We must not leave any of our brothers and sisters behind. We must consider how our community gets to work. We must consider how our veterans re-enter civilian life. We must consider how our differently-abled friends commute. Now is the time to consider how to build opportunity and a sustainable economy.


Now is the time to fix our roads. Now is the time to light our neighborhoods. Now is the time to bring jobs to our community. Now is the time to hold our elected officials accountable to the people they serve. 


As your next State Senator,

I commit to building our infrastructure "from the people up." 

I will fight for us to grow responsibly. 

Paid for by Hao Wu for Senate 6.


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