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“Education is the

most powerful weapon

which you can use

to change the world.” 


Nelson Mandela


I believe in the right to a great public education, and am a proud graduate

of the public education system.  


I believe in the collective benefit it offers.


I believe in the opportunity it provides to all of our children, of all ability levels.


I believe in our teachers, and I believe in our students.  


I believe in my mentee at an elementary school right here in District 6.

I believe in his future. 


But our educational funding structure is outdated and unfair.  It helps those who live in areas of high wealth, but hurts those who live in areas without it.


Since 1977, we have funded our schools through our property taxes. Schools that serve families who own high-cost homes receive a larger allotment of funds per student, while schools that serve families who rent or own lower-cost homes receive a smaller allotment of funds per student. 


Federal Title 1 School funding helps support schools with at least 40% of students from low-income families, but that funding has been cut every year. District 6 is one of two in Greenville County with Title 1 schools.


We all pay taxes. We all want the best for our children. We all know that a good education helps pave the path to prosperity.


Why should our children in District 6 be denied the kinds of schools afforded to others?

As your next State Senator,

I commit to fair funding for all of our students.

I will fight for every child in District 6

-  and all the students in our state -  

to receive their full share of funding and a quality education. 

Paid for by Hao Wu for Senate 6.


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